Corporate Gifts


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3 in 1 Sticky Notes Holder Item Number:UT1215I   ..
30cm Ruler Item Number:UT1704I   Color: Transpa..
7 Colors Sticky Notes Item Number:UT1202I   Col..
A4 File Holder Item Number:UT1745I   Color: Red..
A4 PVC File Bag Item Number:UT1748I   Color: Re..
AC Memo Holder Item Number:UT1029I   Color: Sol..
Ad Binder Clip Item Number:UT1743I   Color: Whi..
Alligator Clip New
Alligator Clip Item Number:UT2004I   Color: Sol..
Aluminium Name Card Holder Item Number:UT1706I   ..
Big Magnifier With Bookmark Item Number:UT1744I   ..
Bookmark with Magnifier & Ruler Item Number:UT1741I   ..
Carabiner Shape Tape Measure Item Number:UT2216I   ..
Card Reader Item Number:UT1756I   Color:White, ..
Clip Dispenser New
Clip Dispenser Item Number:UT1705I   Color: Tra..
Credit Card Holder Item Number:UT1707I   Color:..
Credit Card Magnifier Item Number:UT1702I   Col..
Desktop Cleaner Set Item Number:UT1751I   Color..
Diamond Pen New
Diamond Pen Item Number:UT1412I   Ink Color: Bl..
Dual Computer Brush Item Number:UT1730I   Color..
Executor Metal Pen New
Executor Metal Pen Item Number:UT1416I   Ink Co..
Flexible Calculator Item Number:UT3016I   Color..
Jumbo Clip Item Number:UT2001I   Color: Solid W..
Letter Slitter with PET Sticky Flags Item Number:UT1214I   ..
Magnifying Bookmark Item Number:UT1701I   Color..
Magnifying Ruler Item Number:UT1703I   Color: C..
Mazing Item Number:UT4220I   Color: Clear M..
Metal Tricolored Pen Item Number:UT1471I   Colo..
Mini Chip Clip Item Number:UT2002I   Color: Sol..
Mini Cube Holder Item Number:UT1738I   Color: W..
Mini PP Notebook Item Number:UT1011I   Color: R..
Mini Sticky Notes Item Number:UT1229I   Color: ..
Mouse Pad Item Number:UT1753I   Color: Red,Blue..
Multi-functional Notepad New
Multi-functional Notepad Item Number:UT1204I   ..
Multifunctional Computer Brush Item Number:UT1728I   ..
Notebook with Calculator New
Notebook with Calculator Item Number:UT1005I   ..
Pencil Case Item Number:UT4517I   Color:Blue,Re..
Pencil Case with Calculator Item Number:UT1746I   ..
Plastic Ball Pen New
Plastic Ball Pen Item Number:UT1447I   Ink Colo..
PP Notebook Item Number:UT1034I   Color: Red,Bl..
Puzzle Ruler Item Number:UT1709I   Color: White..
Rectangle Puzzle Item Number:UT1708I   Color: W..
Revive Terra Stone Paper Notebook Item Number:UT1027I   ..
Round Clip Item Number:UT2014I   Color: White ..
Round Retractable Badge Holder Item Number:UT2809I   ..
Stainless Steel Name Card Case Item Number:UT1757I   ..
Stapleless Stapler Item Number:UT1717I   Color:..
Stationery Combination Item Number:UT4214I   Co..
Stationery Combination Item Number:UT1739I   Co..
Trio Ball Pen New
Trio Ball Pen Item Number:UT1404I   Ink Color: ..
Twill Ball Pen Item Number:UT1402I   Ink Color:..
Zipper Lanyard Item Number:UT3908I   Color:Blue..